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ERP>Fashion provides an all-inclusive range of features that empower you to effortlessly oversee every aspect of your fashion business, ensuring seamless management from start to finish.

Power Dress Your Fashion Business with ERP>Fashion


The fashion industry thrives on margins and a quick time-to-market, where making collections available to customers quickly and cost-effectively is essential.

Over the past few years, the fashion retail landscape has undergone immense transformation. The traditional brick-and-mortar shops have been joined by a 24/7 online retail presence, giving customers more choices on how, when, and where to shop.

Fashion brands and retailers face new challenges and fierce competition, vastly different from the previous decade. Social media and influencers have significantly raised consumer expectations regarding the shopping experience. To navigate these changes successfully, fashion retailers can rely on an ERP system, which enables them to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to the ever-changing face of the fashion industry.

Being an expert in the fashion sector, Sci-Net has meticulously developed ERP>Fashion, a purpose-built solution catering specifically to this sector. By choosing us as your partner, you can trust that you are dealing with a team of industry experts and a Microsoft Gold partner, ensuring the utmost competence and support for your fashion business.


Gaining a deep understanding of your business data is crucial for running a successful enterprise. ERP>Fashion empowers you to effortlessly extract value from your data, providing a visual recor of your processes, offering quick insights into your performance, and aiding you and your team in prioritising tasks effectively.

As many fashion companies grow, they reach a tipping point where the systems that once supported their business become hindrances, hampering agility and insights. With ERP>Fashion, a dedicated fashion management solution, you can seamlessly connect your people, processes, and systems, all within one centralised platform.

Our solution is tailor-made for the fashion industry. It starts by enhancing the proven Inventory capabilities of Microsoft Business Central, streamlining complex tasks like creating different styles and options, and ensuring they are managed easily and precisely.

ERP>Fashion enables your business to adapt, grow, and thrive in a dynamic and competitive fashion landscape.

Streamline order and return management effortlessly.

Discover the power of ERP>Fashion in handling complex orders. Easily tailor each order to meet customer’s specific requirements while efficiently managing payment status and tracking orders and returns. Experience seamless communication across all departments, reducing errors and ensuring customer satisfaction. Stay updated with automated email notifications for real-time order statuses.

Effortlessly monitor inventory across all warehouses.

Ensure precise and efficient inventory management using ERP>Fashion. Seamlessly synchronise software data with actual inventory in just a few clicks. Easily handle multiple warehouses, including stock in transit, streamlining distribution and transfer processes.

Experience seamless shipping logistics with ERP>Fashion’s comprehensive integration with Parcelforce, DPD, and Interlink. Your shipping/delivery addresses are effortlessly stored and carried from the initial sales order, allowing you to efficiently pick, pack, and dispatch orders with printed shipping labels. Easily manage partial shipments and track orders throughout the entire process from pick to dispatch.

Our innovative 3rd Party Logistics automation system guarantees accurate receipts posting in the Business Central database upon goods arrival. This includes handling over and under receipt, supplier returns tracking, and precise identification of stock adjustments with reason codes.


Thought Clothing

Learn more on how ERP>Fashion created a more streamless way of working for the rapidly expanding Thought Clothing.

Main Advantages

The world of fashion is often characterised by fleeting trends and seasonal availability.

By utilising the power of ERP>Fashion, you gain the ability to precisely anticipate inventory requirements, enabling you to accurately order from suppliers as per your demands. 

The software also helps with overall cost control by enabling you to create thorough evaluations of supplier/vendor performance based on quality and delivery timelines.

With our Landed Cost module, users can establish intricate rule sets to precisely project indirect expenses. ERP>Fashion decreases time wastage, eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual workflows, and mitigates the potential for human errors. This results in a more efficient workforce and ultimately elevates customer service standards.

Empower your logistics unit with the Container Management functionality, enabling them to oversee containers. This tool also facilitates the grouping of purchase order lines and the supervision of pivotal ex-factory and arrival dates, all from a broader perspective.

Forge smooth and PCI-compliant credit transactions effortlessly on your shop floor or website. Every payment will be seamlessly recorded in your account’s ledger. 

Effortlessly manage cross-channel promotions and discounts and tailor individual campaigns featuring exclusive sales. Additionally, you can use and redeem vouchers across all platforms, encompassing POS, mail orders, and your e-commerce site.

Our diverse array of channel integrations simplifies the process of marketing your product. This functionality empowers you to effortlessly sell your products not only through conventional physical outlets but also via your online retail platform, alongside consolidation avenues like Amazon or eBay.

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