Empower Your Merchandise Dept with our ERP Software for retail solution.

Transform Your Merchandise Department with Our Comprehensive ERP>Retail Solution

The ability to streamline operations, maximise customer value, and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage is at the heart of modern retail success. You can empower your merchandise department to do just that with ERP>Retail.

ERP>Retail is fully integrated with Business Central, and is the ideal choice for improving operational efficiency, increasing profitability, and staying ahead of the competition. It gives you the skills and insights you need to maximise customer value and develop a sustainable advantage in the fast-paced world of retail.

Enhance your Product Data Management with ERP>Retail and streamline your inventory management, enabling you to capture essential master data required for seamless website integration and comprehensive reporting. Effortlessly oversee item hierarchy, range, style, season, and channel. Take charge of web-based stock allocation following your business rules

ERP>Retail goes beyond managing the physical aspects of the supply chain; it also optimises the flow of critical information. Our extensive toolkit empowers you to maintain complete control from product management and supplier purchase orders, right through to warehouse operations and final product delivery to your customers or physical stores.

Empower Your Merchandise Department for Success

Synchronised Information Flows for Seamless Collaboration

In today’s competitive retail landscape, your merchandise department must be efficient, well-organised, and capable of adapting to changing market conditions. ERP>Retail solution offers the efficiency and control necessary to thrive in this environment.

One of the standout features of ERP>Retail is its ability to synchronise information flows. This allows all stakeholders in your supply chain to coordinate their long-term planning and control while also ensuring the efficient day-to-day operations of your retail business. By fostering collaboration and efficiency, ERP>Retail is the driving force behind your retail success.

Key Features

Merchandise Planning

ERP>Retail can assist in planning product assortments, ensuring that each store or channel has the right mix of products based on customer preferences and market trends to meet customer demand. You can use ERP>Retail data to analyse sales and pricing trends, helping you set competitive prices and promotions.

Supply Chain Management

ERP>Retail can provide end-to-end visibility into the supply chain, helping you optimise logistics, reduce lead times, and improve order fulfilment.

Procurement Management

The integration streamlines the entire order processing workflow and reduces the chances of errors. When a customer places an order on Amazon or eBay, ERP>Retail can automatically generate the corresponding sales order. It can also handle payment processing, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction. Sales orders are promptly released to your warehouse for efficient shipping and fulfilment.

Supplier Management

ERP>Retail maintain a vendor database, simplifying the selection of reliable suppliers for a wide range of goods and services. Furthermore, users can create procurement requests within the system, which are seamlessly converted into purchase orders, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimising the risk of errors.

Demand Forecasting

ERP>Retail can use historical data and predictive analytics to forecast demand, enabling you to optimise stock levels and reduce overstock or understock situations.

Multi-Location Support

Retail businesses with multiple stores can use ERP>Retail to manage merchandise and inventory across different locations efficiently and accurately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERP>Retail can streamline inventory management by providing real-time visibility into stock levels across your organisation. With accurate data, you can avoid overstock and stockouts, reducing carrying costs and improving overall inventory efficiency.

ERP>Retail can significantly improve supply chain and vendor management. It enables efficient communication with suppliers and helps track their performance. ERP>Retail can assist in demand forecasting, leading to better negotiation with suppliers.

ERP>Retail enhances merchandising analytics by providing access to a wealth of data on sales trends, customer behaviours, and product performance. It generates detailed reports and insights that empower data-driven decision-making. With this information, you can make informed decisions regarding assortment planning, pricing strategies, and promotional activities, ultimately driving better merchandising outcomes and profitability.

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