Promotions and Campaigns

Manage and control promotions.

Manage and control promotions, campaigns, discounts and store pricing

Successfully bringing your product to market demands a collaboration between many different workstreams to ensure it arrives at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the correct store locations.

With ERP>Retail, you have the power at your fingertips to extract comprehensive reports tailored to your specific needs.

Analyse data based on salesperson, branch, channel, product ranges and individual SKU, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies.

With full integration with your warehouse, you can see your inventory in real time and replenish stores and locations to meet demand.

With ERP>Retail, you can ensure your products are exactly where they need to be to meet your customers’ needs becomes an effortless task.

ERP>Retail: Your Key to Perfect Timing, Precision,
and Profitability

ERP>Retail is essential for operational success, streamlining your processes and providing you with the insights needed to navigate the dynamic world of retail. By utilising this robust tool, you’re equipped for the task of bringing your product to market with unparalleled precision and effectiveness. ERP>Retail empowers retail businesses to control and manage promotions, campaigns, and discounts effectively. It enhances operational efficiency, provides real-time insights, and allows for data-driven decision-making, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and profitability.

Main Features

Centralised Data Management

ERP>Retail consolidates data from various departments and locations into a central database. This ensures that all promotions, campaign details, and discount information are stored in one place. Helping to ensure that all relevant teams are on the same page regarding promotions, avoiding any misunderstandings.

Promotion Planning And Execution

ERP>Retail can provide the tools for planning and executing promotions. Retailers can create, schedule, and manage promotional campaigns, including discounts, bundling offers, and loyalty programs. They can specify criteria, such as timeframes and target customer segments. This segmentation can be used to tailor promotions to specific customer groups, increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Track Performance

ERP>Retail comes with reporting and analytics tools. Retailers can track the performance of their promotions, campaigns, and discounts. This allows them to make data-driven decisions, adjust strategies, and optimise their marketing efforts.

Real-Time Inventory Insights

ERP>Retail provides real-time inventory information. This helps retailers avoid overselling during promotions and ensures that customers are only offered discounts on products that are actually in stock, including forecasting modules that predict demand based on historical data and current market trends. This assists in stocking the right quantities of promotional items, preventing overstocking or understocking issues. And allocate inventory to promotions and campaigns automatically. When a promotion is launched, the system can reserve the necessary stock, preventing overselling.

Pricing Control

Retailers can control pricing rules within ERP>Retail. These rules can be applied to different products, categories, or locations. This ensures consistency in pricing and simplifies the management of discounts and campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERP>Retail streamlines promotional campaign management by offering tools to plan, schedule, and execute campaigns. It enables you to create discounts, loyalty programs, and bundling offers, all while providing real-time insights into inventory, customer segmentation, and performance tracking. This centralised approach ensures that your promotions are efficient and well-coordinated. 

ERP>Retail is built to integrate with various retail systems and e-commerce platforms. They offer APIs, connectors, and data synchronisation capabilities to ensure seamless integration. This means that your promotions, pricing, and inventory management will be consistent and accurate across both online and physical sales channels.

ERP>Retail can help maintain optimal inventory levels during promotions through real-time tracking and forecasting. It can allocate and reserve inventory for specific promotions, automatically adjust stock levels to meet demand, and provide alerts when stock runs low.

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