Warehouse Management

Use the power of Microsoft Dynamics with ERP>Retail warehouse enhancements to streamline and efficiently scale your warehouse activities

Drive Efficiency in your Warehouse Operations

ERP>Retail can significantly enhance warehouse management by providing tools for real-time inventory tracking, order processing, and optimisation of storage space. It enables efficient order fulfilment, minimises errors, and automates routine tasks such as reorder points and stock replenishment. Additionally, the system offers insights into warehouse performance, helping to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency in managing inventory and logistics.

With full integration to Parcelforce, DPD and Interlink, ERP>Retail streamlines your shipping logistics. Shipping/delivery addresses are stored and carried through from the initial sales order, so with full integration, you can pick and pack your order and then print your shipping labels ready for despatch.

Need to send a partial shipment? No problem. Create a partial shipment and pick, pack through to despatch. Our warehouse management solution is here to help

Use the power ERP>Retail warehouse enhancements to streamline and efficiently scale your warehouse activities

Using ERP>Retail, you can build and customise your warehouse with locations, zones and bins. Receive and put away your incoming inventory and simplify your returns management. You can enable single or multiple locations for distribution and transfer stock between locations – keeping track of inventory even whilst in transit!

With ERP>Retail, you can intricately structure and customise your warehouse layout by incorporating specific locations, zones, and bins. This granular level of organisation facilitates meticulous inventory management. The system empowers you to efficiently handle incoming inventory through streamlined receiving and put-away processes, ensuring accurate stock placement. Returns management is simplified, providing a structured approach to handle product returns seamlessly.

ERP>Retail offers the flexibility of enabling single or multiple distribution locations. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses with multiple warehouses or distribution centres. The system allows you to effortlessly transfer stock between these locations while maintaining real-time visibility into inventory levels, even during transit. This optimises the distribution process and ensures that you can monitor and manage your inventory effectively across different points in your supply chain. ERP>Retail empowers businesses with a robust and adaptable warehouse management solution, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy throughout the inventory lifecycle.

Key Features

Improved Inventory Accuracy

Provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, reducing the likelihood of errors and minimizing stock discrepancies. Accurate inventory data enables better decision-making, reduces the risk of stockouts or overstock situations, and improves overall inventory management. Locate stock across your warehouse. With inventory management within ERP>Retail, you can always maintain accurate stock levels using handheld unplanned and managed stock takes.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Streamlines warehouse processes through automation, optimising routine tasks such as order processing, stock replenishment, and picking. This automation minimises manual errors, increases workflow efficiency, and allows warehouse staff to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

Better Order

Enables a more efficient order fulfilment process by providing visibility into order status, stock availability, and shipping information. This results in faster and more accurate order processing, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into warehouse performance, inventory turnover, and other key metrics. This data-driven approach allows businesses to identify trends, optimise processes, and make informed decisions to enhance overall warehouse efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERP>Retail enhances warehouse efficiency by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, automating order processing, and integrating with warehouse automation technologies.

It can also facilitate improved supplier communication and offer robust reporting and analytics tools for data-driven decision-making. By centralising data, minimising errors, and seamlessly integrating with other systems, ERP>Retail can contribute to streamlined and optimised warehouse operations, ultimately improving overall efficiency and responsiveness to market demands.

ERP>Retail facilitates accurate order fulfilment and improves inventory accuracy in the warehouse through various integrated features. Real-time tracking capabilities provide a comprehensive view of inventory levels, minimising the risk of stockouts or overstock situations. Automation within the system streamlines order processing, reducing manual errors and ensuring timely fulfilment. Additionally, the system’s centralised data repository provides consistency in information across departments.

ERP>Retail can integrate seamlessly with third-party logistics (3PL) providers to optimise external warehouse management processes. ERP>Retail enables real-time collaboration and information sharing between the business and its 3PL partners through data exchange and integration interfaces. This integration facilitates enhanced visibility into external warehouse operations, including inventory levels, order processing, and shipment tracking.

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