Add some sparkle to your Jewellery Business Using Our Customised ERP>Jewellery Solution.

Jewellery retail is an extraordinary business that combines elements of fashion, scientific craftsmanship, and age-old customs. Positioned as one of the most intricate and specialised sectors, the jewellery industry requires an exclusive and highly customised strategy for effective business management. 

Adding to the uniqueness of the jewellery industry, buying jewellery is frequently triggered by emotional factors rather than solely a financial transaction. Therefore this increases the need for jewellery businesses to get a comprehensive understanding of their clients and be able to accommodate their specific requirements.

Understanding the unique demands within the jewellery sector, Sci-Net has developed ERP>Jewellery, built from the foundations of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, a well-known and used ERP system within the mid-market segment. This strategic choice empowers Sci-Net to take advantage of the system’s functionalities effectively, providing an all-encompassing solution catered to the exact needs of retailers in the jewellery industry.

At the heart of ERP>Jewellery lies a completely unified suite of modules designed to optimise every element of jewellery business management. ERP>Jewellery serves as a centralised hub, encompassing all operational areas, ranging from supply chain management and inventory control to maintaining customer relationships and financial accounting.

By enabling the monitoring of orders, production processes, and shipments, ERP>Jewellery presents an up-to-the-minute understanding of your business activities. ERP>Jewellery allows your business to swiftly adapt, stay competitive, and readily respond to shifts in market dynamics and your customers’ preferences. 

Whether your business is a modest, standalone jewellery boutique or a large company, ERP>Jewellery can enhance your operational efficacy, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Main Advantages of ERP>Jewellery

Inventory Management

Since jewellery pieces frequently hold substantial value, their production and sales carry significant financial stakes. Consequently, proficient inventory management and meticulous tracking are of paramount importance. ERP>Jewellery consolidates data encompassing inventory, sales, customer interactions, and additional operational dimensions, culminating in simplifying and refining data administration. This approach effectively curbs data input errors while creating precise and current information, enabling well-informed decision-making.

Supply chain Management

The jewellery industry has an intricate supply chain involving various parties, such as miners, refiners, manufacturers, and retailers. ERP>Jewellery enables you to monitor the movement of materials and goods throughout this supply chain, guaranteeing meticulous accountability and seamless operation within the production process.


Jewellery purchases often require personalisation or are tailored according to specific requests. ERP>Jewellery adeptly manages specifications for each item, ensuring a tailored approach. Within ERP>Jewellery, retailers can seamlessly oversee the customisation process, from gathering customer specifications to creating orders, production, and delivery. Through automated workflows and instantaneous status updates on individual orders, ERP>Jewellery optimises and streamlines this whole procedure.

Quality control

Maintaining quality control is imperative for every jewellery business, as upholding stringent quality benchmarks is vital to sustaining customer service and brand quality. Having these controls in place ensures adherence to quality criteria for all jewellery pieces, from the quality of materials to the final product's look and refinement. ERP>Jewellery is instrumental in providing robust quality control protocols and detecting flaws before items reach the market. This is achieved by optimising inspection procedures, delivering instantaneous insights into production and inventory data, and giving you the ability to uphold quality standards.

Sales channels

In addition to conventional brick-and-mortar outlets, the jewellery industry has successfully expanded across diverse channels, such as online retailers and platforms such as Amazon and eBay. ERP>Jewellery enables managing sales across these diverse avenues by seamlessly integrating with various sales platforms.

Efficient operations:

ERP>Jewellery can streamline and automate business operations, encompassing purchasing, order processing, and production planning. By doing so, they enhance efficiency, cut expenses, and enable jewellery retailers to concentrate on delivering top-tier products and exceptional customer service.

FAQ’s ERP>Jewellery

ERP>Jewellery can provide valuable inventory insights for high-priced gemstones and metals, by monitoring precious stone and metal inventory levels and reorder thresholds, equipping businesses with the insights to navigate procurement and sales carefully. Furthermore, ERP>Jewellery can seamlessly handle customer data consisting of contact details, transaction records, and individual preferences.

ERP>Jewellery seamlessly oversees the complete order lifecycle, spanning the initial purchase through delivery and after-sale assistance. This entails order and shipment tracking, meticulous inventory level control, and effective management of returns and exchanges.

ERP>Jewellery can seamlessly integrate with your existing sales channels, whether it be your website or brick-and-mortar outlets. This integration provides a data exchange across your various systems and platforms.

For instance, in the case of an online jewellery store, ERP>Jewellery can autonomously retrieve order data from your website and seamlessly funnel it through your operational processes, spanning inventory management, shipping, and accounting. This eliminates the need for manual data input, effectively mitigating the risk of errors. 

Likewise, if your jewellery business has physical stores, ERP>Jewellery can seamlessly connect with your point-of-sale (POS) system, enabling real-time sales and inventory monitoring. This empowers you to maintain a vigilant watch over stock levels and gives you the foresight to make informed inventory management decisions.

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