ERP>Retail Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Point of Sale fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

With the configurable look and feel, you are in control of the buttons, layout, and all the functionality you need for your retail business.

A flexible ERP>Retail Point of Sale is suitable for volume and speciality retail where you create or use individual customer account details. You can work offline in each store and replicate data back to the head office system, including sales, stock financials, and end-of-day data.

Use Cases

ERP>Retail POS system excels in managing multi-channel promotions, discounts, and campaigns, offering a holistic approach across various channels. You can effortlessly apply sales prices and sell and redeem vouchers, maintaining consistency in promotional activities. This capability extends beyond the traditional in-store POS setup, encompassing mail orders and your e-commerce website.

Key Benefits

Real-Time Data Sync

Integration of ERP>Retail POS ensures inventory levels are updated in real-time across both systems. This helps avoid overselling, stockouts, and discrepancies in stock levels. Sales data is instantly reflected, providing accurate and up-to-date information on revenue, sales trends, and product performance.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automating various retail processes, such as order processing, invoicing, and customer management, increases efficiency and reduces manual errors. ERP>Retail POS Integration allows retailers to streamline operations by seamlessly managing both front-end (sales, customer interactions) and back-end (inventory, finance) processes.

Improved Customer Experience

With real-time inventory and order status information, retailers can provide customers with accurate delivery estimates and more reliably fulfil orders. Access to customer data across systems enables personalised service, as retailers can track purchase history, preferences, and offer tailored promotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Key data points such as inventory levels, sales transactions, customer information, and product details can be synchronised between ERP>Retail and POS systems, ensuring real-time updates, accurate reporting, and a holistic view of your business operations.

Integrating ERP>Retail with a POS system will significantly improve inventory management by providing real-time visibility into stock levels. Automatic updates from POS transactions to ERP>Retail will reduce manual errors and discrepancies. ERP>Retail can generate alerts for low stock levels, prevent stockouts, and improve inventory efficiency.

The integrated system brings several benefits, including real-time reporting, analytics, and business intelligence tools. This empowers your team with
actionable insights for better decision-making. With a unified view of data from both ERP>Retail and POS systems, you can streamline processes, identify trends,
and make informed strategic decisions to drive business growth and competitiveness

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