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Trade Counters and Merchants predominantly sell products to other businesses and skilled tradespersons instead of individual shoppers. Consequently, the B2B sales approach of trade merchants results in extended sales periods, substantial order quantities, and distinct pricing frameworks in contrast to conventional retail.

Trade merchants also play a crucial role in the profitability of other businesses that depend on their services and supplies. This underlines the importance of trade merchants’ need to establish a robust and adaptable supply chain. Also, in contrast to standard retail operations, trade merchants frequently handle sizable order quantities and extended lead times.

Disruptions in the supply chain, for instance, delays or quality concerns, can affect the ability of trade merchants to satisfy orders and fulfil customer requirements. Proficient supply chain management is a pivotal tool for trade merchants to minimise these vulnerabilities and guarantee the uninterrupted flow of supplies.

The specialised needs of a Trade Merchant

Specialised Products

Trade merchants focus mainly on particular product categories, specialising in industrial machinery, construction materials, or agricultural equipment. These items are generally more complicated to manage, demanding a greater understanding of the industry than products in conventional retail settings.

Supply Chain Management

Managing supply chains is one of the key responsibilities of a Trade Merchant who must strike a balance between maintaining a sufficient inventory to meet customer demands while keeping stock levels at a level that maximises cash flow. It is, therefore, vital that trade merchants work at a close level with their suppliers to manage lead times and keep accurate stock levels.

Relationship Management

For a trade merchant, nurturing strong customer relationships is imperative for securing recurring business. This means offering exceptional customer service and being aware of their individual requirements. Establishing and sustaining such connections is essential to ensuring continued success.

Financial Management

Navigating your finances as a trade merchant can be complicated, given the necessity to handle cash flow, track profit margins, and address fluctuations in demand.

Deliver Exceptional Service With ERP>Trade

Tailored especially for trade merchants, ERP>Trade is crafted to address the unique requirements of your trade merchant business. Experience diverse features and customisable choices that align seamlessly with your trade business needs. 

Characterised by its speed and reliability, ERP>Trade guarantees swift and efficient transaction processing, maintaining performance even during periods of high business demand. Empowering you to effectively oversee sales, pricing, suppliers, and inventory management.

Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a prominent ERP system in the mid-market segment, ERP>Trade has been meticulously developed. This integration empowers Sci-Net to provide an all-encompassing trade counter solution, capitalising on the strengths of the underlying system.

Utilising ERP>Trade, you gain effortless control over your sales orders, inventory monitoring, and payment processing, all streamlined within a singular platform. This consolidated approach offers immediate insights into inventory levels, empowering well-informed choices regarding stock management.

Through our ERP>Trade system, you gain the ability to oversee your inventory in real-time. This entails a range of functionalities, including automated stock replenishment, multi-location management, and stock tracking. Such capabilities guarantee the optimal positioning of your stock, minimising the likelihood of stockouts and improving customer service.

Main Advantages of ERP>Trade


 It enables retailers to finely tune their inventory quantities and enhance stock management through real-time monitoring and demand forecasting.


Enables retailers to effectively handle customer interactions, monitor sales, and analyse customer behaviours. This strategic approach helps with customer retention and drives sales growth.


It empowers retailers to streamline their procurement workflows by minimising manual inaccuracies and enhancing procurement cycles for accurate inventory alignment.


Provides functionalities such as accounting, invoicing, and payment processing. These attributes support retailers in enhancing financial management, decreasing errors, and maintaining precise and current financial reporting.


Offers robust reporting and analytical functionalities, empowering trade retailers to monitor performance metrics like inventory status, sales, and profitability. These insights serve as a foundation for refining operational workflows and enabling well-informed decision-making.

ERP>Trade - Q & A’s

ERP>Trade comprises features such as inventory management, supply chain oversight, processing of sales and purchase orders, financial administration, and customer relationship management (CRM). All these features are tailored to the unique needs of the Trade and Merchant sectors.

ERP>Trade boasts the capability to configure fields, workflows, and processes to align precisely with the distinct requirements of trade merchants’.

Seamless integration with various systems and applications is a crucial requirement for trade merchants, enabling them to effectively oversee inventory, sales, and orders across diverse channels and platforms. The ERP>Trade solution offers the capability to integrate with well-known e-commerce platforms and accounting software for streamlined operations.

To accommodate the needs of a growing trade merchant business, The ERP>Trade is fully scalable and can add or remove users, modules, or features as needed.

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