Retail Finance System

ERP>Retail enhances the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance & accounting modules..

The result of an all-encompassing end-to-end integrated retail finance system

ERP>Retail integrated Retail Finance System provides a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use finance ledger that covers all the requirements a busy finance team should need and bridges the gap between retail operations and finance. ERP Retail automates the population of relevant analysis and dimensions fields for store and salesperson performance reporting, giving you enhanced automation and posting. The fully integrated Retail Finance System has a user-friendly interface that adapts to the diverse needs of a busy finance team.

ERP>Retail is an efficient solution for store and sales performance reporting since it automates gathering necessary analytical and feature information. This intelligent automation simplifies procedures and improves accuracy by reducing manual input errors enhancing financial reporting quality.

Business intelligence and reporting is a key part of the role the finance team plays within your company. As the go-to information providers in an enterprise, ERP Retail can empower the finance team to analyse data, create timely reports and build dashboards with accurate data. All of which can then be distributed to decision-makers in an easy-to-read format accessible via multiple device types.

ERP Retail can meet these demands of fast-paced reporting by offering integration to a choice of reporting tools that have been written for Microsoft Dynamics and the underlying technology, namely Microsoft’s Power BI.

Delve into data.

In the fast-paced world of retail, where data insights are essential, business intelligence and reporting are vital aspects of the finance team’s responsibilities. Recognising this, ERP>Retail provides the finance team with the tools to delve into data, generate fast and intelligent reports, and build interactive dashboards powered by precise data. These tools become valuable assets that can be quickly delivered to decision-makers in an understandable and accessible way across various platforms.

One of the cornerstones of ERP>Retail’s ability to fulfil the demands of fast-paced reporting is its integration with several reporting tools designed expressly for Microsoft Dynamics and its underlying technologies. For example, ERP>Retail works in unison Microsoft Power BI. This powerful reporting tools provide a seamless interface for extracting, processing, and visualising data, making the process of generating detailed financial reports a smooth and efficient task.

ERP>Retail goes beyond standard finance systems by combining retail and financial functions. Its capacity to provide the finance team with data analysis, reporting, and distribution capabilities, combined with its integration ability, strengthens its position as a transformative tool in the current retail market.

Key Benefits of Finance and BI


Efficient Financial Management & Reporting

ERP>Retail system provides a unified platform for financial processes such as accounting, financial reporting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. This streamlines financial operations whilst reducing manual effort and errors. ERP>Retail can also include built-in reporting tools that enable the creation of customised financial reports, charts, and dashboards for improved analysis and decision-making.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Data-Driven And Customised Insights

ERP>Retail collects huge volumes of corporate data. BI solutions coupled with ERP>Retail can assist in the analysis of this data in order to extract useful insights, trends, and patterns. It can also empower non-technical users to generate their own reports and dashboards, reducing the pressure on IT staff and allowing them speedier access to information.

Real-Time And Integrated Data

ERP>Retail provides real-time visibility into financial data, allowing finance teams to make informed choices with up-to-date information. ERP>Retail connects financial data to other corporate processes such as sales, inventories, and procurement. This integration guarantees that financial information is consistent and accurate throughout the organisation.

Advanced Analytics

ERP>Retail’s integrated BI tools include advanced analytics capabilities such as predictive modelling, data visualisation, and data mining, allowing businesses to make proactive decisions.

Audit Trail

ERP>Retail maintains an audit trail of financial transactions, which is essential for accountability, compliance, and internal or external audits.

Performance Measurement

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be tracked across departments and processes using BI technologies. This makes it easier to monitor progress towards organisational goals.

Data Consolidation

ERP-integrated BI solutions enable the consolidation of data from several sources, offering a comprehensive view of the company’s performance. Assisting organisations with strategic planning, identifying possibilities for growth, and optimising operational operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERP>Retail can enhance finance modules and provide several benefits to firms, such as improved decision-making, compliance, efficiency gains, cost reductions, and better planning. It enables organisations to better manage their finances, react to changing market conditions, and generate long-term growth.

Integrating finance modules with ERP>Retail improves financial management processes by centralising data and providing real-time visibility, which assists with budgeting and planning. Integration improves decision-making, streamlines financial operations, and helps retail organisations’ overall profitability.

BI features within  ERP>Retail give decision-makers quick, accurate, and relevant insights. These insights provide a more profound knowledge of business performance, the discovery of trends and patterns, a foresight of market changes, and informed decision-making across various aspects of the organisation. 

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