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Enhance your online sales performance while minimising human errors, streamlining processes, and delivering an exceptional customer experience. ERP>Retail provides robust features, including effortless integration with your website and various sales channels.

Unleash Your Ecommerce Potential with ERP>Retail


In the wake of the pandemic, the popularity of online shopping has soared, especially with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers embracing the digital space. The flexibility of online shopping has proven invaluable, enabling companies to sustain their operations even amidst physical store closures. In response, many businesses have transitioned to operate exclusively online, harnessing the potential of e-commerce to adapt and thrive in these challenging times.

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ERP Retail seamlessly integrates with leading eCommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify while remaining adaptable to any website, enabling a continuous sales flow even during brick-and-mortar store closures. Our system ensures real-time synchronisation of "Web Free" stock levels, providing customers with up-to-date inventory information before placing orders.

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In today's vast marketplace, establishing brand awareness poses a challenge due to the unlimited choices available to consumers. E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Zalando leverage their well-known brands to showcase retailers' products, presenting your premium items to potential buyers at the right moment. However, consolidating orders across multiple platforms can be daunting. Our Channel Engine integration streamlines these sales into Business Central, enabling a unified approach without the need for individual platform integrations. With ERP>Retail, you gain a comprehensive view of your inventory, efficiently manage the customer experience, and maintain a steady influx of sales.

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With ERP>Retail, Sales Order payments are seamlessly handled and posted automatically. This streamlines the order processing, allowing for efficient warehouse picking and shipping. Giving your company the capacity to scale and  handle sales orders regardless of sales channel. This is especially effective during busy periods such as promotions and seasonal sales because employees are not burdened with additional or unmanageable duties. 

ERP>Retail’s eCommerce integration also saves time by eliminating the need to manually enter data from one system to another, such as shipping information, inventory levels, and product information. The data is updated accurately and automatically, avoiding costly human error and reducing the time between when a customer places an order and when they receive it

By integrating your eCommerce platform with other business processes, you can keep your customers informed at every stage of the ordering process, resulting in a simple, seamless customer experience from “adding to basket” to receiving the items. 

After checking out, ensure that your cusomters are kept up to date in “Real Time” by immediately alerting them when their item will be delivered, straight from when it was picked, and providing them with shipment tracking references from the chosen carrier with automatic updates.

Key Features

The seamless integration of eCommerce and ERP>Retail enables direct communication between the systems, ensuring automatic and precise updates to stock levels, allowing you to track inventory in real-time and estimate how much inventory you may require in the future. 

The integration of eCommerce and ERP>Retail brings together data from all aspects of your business into one system. This holistic approach allows you to gain powerful insights and this data can be utilised to improve company operations, create better predictions, and spot problems faster. This consolidated and simple-to-use platform provides more accurate information to business leaders, allowing them to make better and potentially more profitable decisions regarding the organisation..

Automated data transfers between systems considerably reduces the potential for human errors. 

Staff can no longer enter incorrect shipping information, product information, or any other data. As a result, there is less chance of product returns or complaints, as well as mis-picking/no selecting owing to stock discrepancies.

Precise Product Information and Pricing

Product specifications and pricing are frequently changed by suppliers, sometimes many times per year.

With fully integrated pricing created within ERP>Retail and seamlessly promoted to the web platform, you can be confident that any changes to product pricing, specs, or attributes will be automatically updated, ensuring no surprises for the customer upon delivery.

Enhance Customer Experience with Effortless Returns

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, customers will inevitably order multiple items for choice, style, size, and more. As a result, returns are unavoidable. Customers also expect free and convenient return processes, which can impact profit margins and staff workloads if not managed efficiently.

In today’s competitive landscape, creating a simple and hassle-free returns process is crucial to stay ahead while keeping costs in check. With ERP>Retail, managing returns becomes as easy as handling sales transactions. You can effortlessly handle the entire order fulfilment process, including returns while providing customers with automatic updates on their returns’ status and seamlessly updating your inventory management system. This ensures a smooth returns experience for your customers. 

A typical ERP>Retail customer Journey

A customer visits your website, selects their chosen product/s and adds items to their shopping basket.

Complete and secure payment is taken during the checkout process.

An order confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer.

Stock levels are adjusted accordingly on the website and warehouse.

Order is automatically sent to the warehouse.

Product picked and packed.

Shipping label is produced and sent via a delivery company.

The customer is automatically sent a tracking email.

Order received by the customer.

Quick and Easy Returns Process.

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